AKSAMITKA – the epitome of delicacy

  • edible, early variety
  • consumer type B, general purpose, suitable for washing and packaging
  • Starch content 13.2%
  • Large round-oval tubers with fairly good regularity of shape and shallow eyes, light yellow flesh
  • Very resistant to Y virus, quite resistant to leaf roll virus
  • resistant to mechanical damage, stores very well

DALIA – harvest bouquet

  • Edible, early variety
  • Culinary type fairly concise, soft AB, good taste
  • Starch content low 11.3%.
  • High storage value, maintains consumption values until late spring
  • Highly resistant to common scab
  • Round to round oval tubers, medium to large, regular, pink-red skin, a bit rough, shallow eyes, white flesh.
  • Fertility, uniformity, high yield