IBIS – Regional variety – good for all conditions

  • Medium early, edible variety.
  • BC culinary type, generally usable to slightly floury
  • Starch content 15.3%.
  • The tubers are quite large, oval, fairly regular, light smooth skin, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Resistant to virus Y, common scab and mechanical damage to tubers.
  • Direct consumption until the end of the storage period, production of fries for dried and frozen products, as well as washing and packaging

IRGA – Warsaw delicacy

  • Medium early, edible variety,
  • Culinary type B, general purpose.
  • starch content 14.4%.
  • The tubers are quite large, round-oval to oval, slightly flattened, regular, light pink skin, smooth, shallow eyes, cream flesh.
  • Recommended for cultivation in rich soils
  • Variety recommended for direct consumption, variety with exceptional taste

 KOLIA – Regional variety – jewels of Polish land

  • medium-early variety, very fertile, edible
  • Culinary type B, general purpose, good taste.
  • Starch content approx. 14%.
  • Round-oval tubers, quite large, light pink skin of varying color intensity, light pink, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Cancer resistant variety.
  • Fairly resistant to Y virus and resistant to leaf roll virus.
  • Resistant to black leg and common scab.
  • Useful for processing

MILA – the essence of the taste

  • medium early variety, edible. Average yield.
  • Culinary type general to floury (BC).
  • Starch content 16.2%. Taste good.
  • Round-oval, slightly flattened, medium-sized tubers, medium shallow eyes, slightly rough skin, yellow flesh.
  • Recommended for cultivation in rich soils
  • The relatively high resistance of tubers to fungal and bacterial diseases as well as high resistance to mechanical damage ensure good storage stability of this variety.
  • High resistance to virus Y and leaf roll virus.
  • It can be used in the production of crisps, fries, and for direct consumption.

ZEBRA – Regional variety – safe harvest

  • medium early variety, edible,
  • utility type general utility B,
  • exceptionally good taste,
  • starch content 14.7%.
  • Oval, regular, large tubers, white skin, slightly reticulated, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Not resistant to cyst nematodes, resistant to cancer
  • Perfect for washing and confectioning, suitable for long composition

ŻAGIEL – Regional variety – gift from Masuria

  • medium early variety, edible,
  • starch content 12.6%
  • culinary type salad to general use (AB).
  • Round-oval, shapely, large tubers, quite fertile, light rough skin, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Resistant to nematode, very resistant to leaf roll virus, moderately resistant to late blight.
  • Perfect for washing and packaging and for gastronomy