ATOL – Polish pearl

  • edible variety, medium late
  • Culinary type B. It is a versatile variety with a very good taste
  • Starch content 13.5-14%
  • It is characterized by high fertility and uniformity
  • Large, oval tubers, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Resistant to potato cancer, common scab, and PLRV and Y viruses.

SALTO – Regional variety – yield evolution

  • medium late variety, edible, good taste with multi-directional use
  • type of culinary general use to slightly floury – BC.
  • Starch content 17%,
  • Tubers round-oval, regular, flattened, medium to large, yellow skin, smooth, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Moderately resistant to Y virus, resistant to leaf roll virus, moderately resistant to late blight, resistant to cancer and cyst nematode.