LAWINA – Regional variety – the power of the crop

  • medium late variety, very fertile,
  • A variety of culinary type C, floury, good taste.
  • Starch content approx. 17%.
  • It can be used as an edible variety, for processing and for the starch industry
  • Round-oval, slightly flattened, rather large tubers, yellow skin, smooth, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Resistant to potato cyst nematode and potato cancer, resistant to Y virus and very resistant to leaf roll virus. Very resistant to potato blight, high resistance to black leg.
  • Moderately resistant to common scab.
  • It is a variety with increased water requirements.
  • Suitable for industrial processing into starch and spirit, also for the production of chips, cubes and puree, also suitable for consumption

BZURA – pattern of resistance

  • starch variety, late
  • Consumption type C, mealy
  • 18.8% starch content.
  • Round-oval tubers, very large, fairly good regularity of shape, rather shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Very resistant to Y virus, PLRV, very resistant to leaf blight,
  • Due to the high dry weight, it is moderately resistant to mechanical damage. It keeps well with proper harvesting technology
  • A variety for the starch industry

SONDA – stable starch yield

  • late, starchy variety.
  • culinary type C
  • 18.7% starch content.
  • Round-oval, quite regular, medium and large tubers, yellow rough skin, medium shallow eyes, cream flesh.
  • Resistant to potato cyst nematode, to cancer. Resistant to Y virus and potato blight, low resistance to leaf roll virus
  • It stores very well.
  • Useful for the production of crisps.