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In the total crop structure potatoes still play an important role and they are cultivated on about 300 thousand ha in Poland. The high level of cultivation on the European scale is due to their ability to be grown on almost all soils, especially lighter ones and their versatile use – especially for: direct consumption (traditional market chains and commercial networks) and production of processed food (crisps, chips, puree, granules); animal feed; for the production of starch and ethanol and other multiple-use products.

Potato yield exceeds 50 tons per hectare. These yields can be obtained in favourable conditions during the growing season from most varieties offered by us. This is proved not only by the research conducted by COBORU, but also by many years of experience and customer feedback. We must also keep in mind, however, that the basic condition for obtaining such high yields of high commercial quality, in addition to the proper agronomical practices, fertilization and protection of the plants, is first of all the use of healthy, qualified seed-potatoes of the appropriately selected variety. Healthy seed-potato and a variety suitable for the end product guarantee appropriate quality, reproducibility, and thus profitability of production. Keep in mind that the yield of the potatoes grown for several consecutive years in a raw, especially in zones 2-4, quickly decreases.

There is an increase in the virulence of plants, which results in a significant decrease in yield as well as quality. Frequent replacement of seed-potatoes significantly increases crop costs but is also a guarantee of expected benefits. The seedlings offered by our company were produced in the GLOBALGAP system on our farms, under strict control. We also carried out close observations of particular varieties paying attention to their response to different environmental and agrotechnical conditions. This allows us to offer products that we know well as far as production, storage and trade are concerned. In this catalogue we provide the characteristics of all varieties offered by our company, which is based not only on the tests of such institutions as COBORU, IHAR Bonin, or individual cultivation companies but also on our personal observations made in the last dozen years of production in CN NIDZICA.

We hope that this guide will help you select the right variety for your farm and let you achieve the desired results in production. In case of any doubts, we are ready to offer you our help. Our consultants will assist you in the selection of appropriate variety, agronomical practices, fertilizers, plant protection, harvesting or storage methods.