IGNACY- breeding PMHZ – early variety, culinary type B, starch 12.0%, light yellow flesh, very good taste, very high and even marketable yield, low soil requirements, moderate sensitivity to metibuzin, suitable for washing and packing.

TORNADO – breeding IPM – a company based in Dublin, Ireland. Edible early variety with high yield. Oval elongated tubers with red skin and white flesh – the market in Warsaw and eastern Poland, shallow eyes. Starch content of about 12% and dry weight of 18% – ideal for fries as an early potato.

Susceptibility to damage low – on a 9-point scale 6. Resistance: common scab – 7, potato blight – 7, black leg – 4. Susceptibility to matribuzin: sensitive, metribuzin can only be used pre-emergence, serious disturbances in vegetation when applied post-emergence.

ORLA – breeding IPM. An early edible variety with a smooth skin, light yellow flesh. Oval tubers with shallow eyes. Culinary type BC – slightly mealy, starch content 14-15%. Excellent taste, appreciated among potato gourmets. Used for packaging – taste and resistant to mechanical damage (7). Low to medium soil and water requirements. Resistance: common scab – 6, black leg – 6, potato blight – 8. Due to high resistance, it is used for organic farming. Sensitive to methribuzin – can only be used pre-emergence

ELECTRA – breeding IPM – early, edible variety with good taste values. Oval tubers, light yellow skin with slightly pink, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh. General-purpose culinary type B, starch content – about 12%, non-boiling potato. Resistances: common scab – 8, black leg 4, poor resistance to late blight. With good protection, it stores well, good resistance to mechanical damage – 6. It works well in a wide range of geographical locations. Low water and soil requirements. The flesh has no internal defects.

MADRID – breeding TPC – a company based in the Netherlands. Edible early variety with a very high yield-forming potential. Round tubers with light yellow skin and cream flesh. Quite shallow meshes, large tubers, consumption type AB, starch content 12.5%, dry weight 18.7%. Good storage properties, resistant to bruises, intended for confectioning. Resistance: leaf roll – 7, virus A – 6, virus X – 7, virus Y – 5.5, potato blight – 7, common scab – 7.