ASTER – Regional variety – the first crop for processing

  • edible, very early variety
  • BC consumption type, slightly mealy
  • Starch content 14.4%
  • Round-oval, medium-sized tubers with good regularity of shape and shallow eyes, light yellow flesh
  • Resistant to virus Y and leaf roll virus
  • very resistant to mechanical damage, it stores very well
  • Useful for washing, peeling, packaging as well as for chips, crisps, dried and canned products and frozen food

IRYS – the first harvest for the taste connoisseur

  • Edible, very early variety.
  • Very good taste, consumption type B, general use.
  • Starch content 12%.
  • Oval, large, oval tubers of good regular shape, fairly shallow eyes, white flesh.
  • Moderately resistant to Y virus, moderately susceptible to leaf roll virus
  • quite resistant to mechanical damage, stores well.
  • It is characterized by very high fertility, predisposed to cultivation for an early harvest

PIERWIOSNEK – Regional variety – the first flower of spring

  • very early, edible variety.
  • Culinary type B general use.
  • It can be harvested 60 days after planting.
  • Starch content 12-13%.
  • Due to the tendency to darken, it is recommended primarily for early harvest cultivation
  • Highly yielding variety, recommended for growing in stronger positions
  • Cancer-resistant variety, moderately resistant to common scab.
  • It should be used for consumption in the summer and early autumn. Only seed potatoes should be kept.
  • Large round-oval tubers, white skin with pink spots, medium shallow pink eyes, white flesh.

RUTA – Regional variety – first before everyone else

  • edible variety, very early,
  • consumption type B.
  • starch content 12.5%. Good taste,
  • large round-oval tubers with good regular shape and shallow eyes, light yellow flesh.
  • Quite resistant to Y virus, moderately resistant to leaf roll virus, very resistant to mechanical damage, it keeps very well. Predisposed to cultivation for an early harvest.