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AGATA – very early, high yielding, edible variety with very nice, smooth skin, which is ideal for washing. The flesh is pale yellow. The tubers are oval, uniform in shape, with shallow eyes. The regular appearance of tubers, shape and suitability for washing makes Agata an excellent variety for retail packaging. Consumption type AB, tuber texture is firm after cooking, consumption quality is rather good and dry matter content is rather low. Large number of tubers. Agata can be grown on most types of soil but it is quite susceptible to common scab. Agata is best suited for growing in Southern and Central Europe. Initial sprouting is not necessary. Removing sprouts more than once has a negative effect on the number of tubers. Cultivating distance of tubers in size 35/50 is about 27cm (50000 plants / ha). Using Sencor does not cause any problems. Thanks to the very nice shape of the tubers and smooth skin this variety is sought by packaging companies co-operating with supermarkets.

BORWINA– very early edible variety, with high yield of tubers and smooth skin, with very early maturity. It is one of the earliest varieties and has the most beautiful tubers from the whole range, which are characterized by high quality and resistance to plant diseases. Due to their very early technological maturity, high quality edible potatoes can be delivered early. Primarily intended for cooking (type AB), discolouration of the cooked tubers is rare, good taste, starch content of about 13%. This variety does not like low temperatures; it should be planted in warm and well-warmed ground.

IMPALA – a very early edible variety with yellow skin and pale yellow flesh. Tubers are oval-oblong, moderately large, shallow eyes and uniform shape. The number of bulbs is quite good and the yield is high. Impala has a very good resistance to drought. Consumption type AB, tuber texture is firm after cooking, consumption quality is good and dry matter content is low. Impala can be cultivated on most types of soil; its resistance to scab is quite good. Impala is suitable for the edible potato market in Central and Eastern Europe. Impala is suitable for direct consumption; it is also suitable for long storage at 5°C. Attractive tuber shape and skin colour – perfect for packaging sold in supermarkets. Resistant to drought.

LAPERLA – large white-fleshed tubers, light-colour skin, shallow eyes and regular shape. Very quickly produces high quality, exceptional yield. It has an outstanding taste. Type B. Do not darken after cooking. Very quickly produces high, marketable yield of exceptional quality. It has an outstanding taste. Culinary type B. Does not darken after cooking. This variety has average resistance to scab. Periodic water shortages are tolerated very well. This variety is responsive to high doses of methribuzin (acceptable Sencor dosage is 250 g/ha). Average soil quality requirements

PAROLI – very early, edible variety, culinary type A. Very attractive appearance: oval tubers with yellow pulp, smooth skin and shallow eyes. Very quickly maturing and exceptionally high-yielding variety with very good nutritional values. Highly suitable for washing and packing. Average soil requirements, normal water requirements.

SF VARIO – a very early, edible variety, culinary type A. Very fast growing, so it quickly achieves marketable yield. Tubers are oval, medium to large with nice smooth skin and pale yellow flesh. High resistance to scab, very good variety for the “fresh market”. Average soil requirements, normal water requirements. Perfect for sprouting and growing under cover.

SOLIST – is a high-yield, edible variety of beautiful shape, extremely early, whose growing season is 8 to 10 days shorter compared with the standard early varieties. Solist is very good for washing and suitable for packaging. Type slightly firm with good taste (culinary type B), slightly discoloured after cooking. Suitable for sprouting, cultivation under cover, it is resistant to low temperatures (50°C).

VALETTA – longitudinal oval tubers with yellow flesh and skin and shallow eyes. Thanks to the very short growing season, it is considered to be one of the varieties of special suitability for cultivation for early harvest. High yield with small share of a fraction of less than 40mm. It is characterized by high resistance to Rhizooctonia solani, common scab, and also the potato flesh blight. Tubers with rather firm flesh, in the culinary type AB, do not darken after cooking. With prolonged drought and very early harvest planned, irrigation significantly shortens the vegetation period and allows for better utilization of Valetta’s exceptional yielding potential. This variety is completely resistant to the YNTN virus. Recommended spacing between plants 33-35cm with the 75cm spacing between rows. Valetta shows a slight sensitivity to methribuzin.

ROSARA – medium-sized tubers, oblong-oval, red skin, yellow flesh, shallow eyes. High-yielding variety with increased resistance to Rhizooctonia solani and rusty flesh blight. Outstanding taste. It does not darken after cooking. Starch content is about 12-13%. Culinary type B. Resistant to methribuzin. Average to low soil requirements.

RIVIERA – a very early edible variety with a nice, bright skin and a pale yellow flesh. Tubers are large, oval and have shallow eyes. The size of the tubers is uniform, the yield is good. Consumption type AB, tubers quite firm after cooking, dry matter content is low. Riviera can be grown on most types of soil. Riviera, although it is a very early variety, has a fairly good state of rest. Attractive tubers, smooth skin and shallow eyes – perfect for supermarket packaging. Riviera can be grown on all types of soil.