At the beginning of 2017, the management board of CN Nidzica decided to establish cooperation with IHAR Bonin, the first independent private plant breeding institute after 1990, which is based on the gene pool of the best Polish varieties grown in Dybów, Mielno, Krokowa, Bonin and Zamarte. During reproduction from the gene bank, there are several potato varieties which are prepared for re-registration in COBORU so as to make it possible for these varieties to be launched onto the market with a certificate. The varieties we are working on include:

Very early varieties:

Early varieties

Medium early varieties

Medium late varieties

Late varieties

Starchy varieties

The acquired gene base and gene bank in Bonin is the starting point to start conservative and then creative breeding in northern Poland, mainly in the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian provinces. The varieties that we grow are characterized by high resistance to most diseases and difficult agrotechnical and storage conditions. These varieties are largely predisposed to bioproduction. Each of the varieties is characterized by features which in a given group of use put them at the forefront of varieties offered on the market.